Rain Rain Go Away – Characters You do not Love


Every story has it. That character that you just don’t care for. Many times they are introduced near the middle of the story and just seem to drag it down. There are times you wonder why the author would write in such a character. But the thing is, a little of a bad character doesn’t make a story bad. They are the characters that you love to hate, the characters that give the story a certain meaning, make it realistic. I mean, you can’t love everyone that you have met in your life. I know I don’t.

But at what point does the annoying character overshadow the main character and pull away from what the story is presenting. If the character becomes the main focus in the reader’s mind then they will continue to focus on that character, long after they are gone. Pushing the limit with this type of character wouldn’t be recommended if you want to have a great story.

What types of characters have this flaw in your mind? What posses a writer to keep this character around?


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