New Ideas – That New Car Smell

Today we are going to talk about new ideas and how they can affect your writing. I’m a flighty person. I have no short term memory. I’ve forgotten more things to do at work then most people. As you can tell, I get distracted easy. Not the best trait for a writer.

New Ideas bring out the biggest distraction for me. It pulls me away from my current story. They just get in the way. I try and try and try to continue to work on the task in front of me, but the new idea continues to throw things at me to get my attention. The new idea wants written, the new idea wants love.

But if I stop every time I have a new idea, I will never finish the WIP that I have going. As a writer, we need to be disciplined. There is time to work on a new idea, but you need to be able to keep focus on the story that you are writing. Even during the hard times. Especially during the hard times. There always seems to be a scene that isn’t going anywhere and no matter what you do, you can’t get that darn character to keep going in the right direction. In comes the new idea to swoop at your weakened mind and pull you towards it. “Focus on me!” it screams, but you must focus on your WIP.

The screaming is usually what gets to me. Like a baby needing attention, my new idea drags my mind towards it as if it is the light and I’m checking out. I’m drawn to it, but the WIP notices my neglect and screams back until I just end up with a headache and a bunch of work not done.

I try to give new ideas a place to shine in the annals of potential stories I keep in my notebook, but I keep my focus on the latest story I’m working on. Otherwise, I’ll never get published. Gotta keep pushing through.

What things do you do to keep your focus on your WIP and not get distracted by the new ideas?


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