Reviews – the Good and the Bad

As an author, reviews are something that you are going to have to deal with. With the internet involved in purchasing a book – whether it be hardback or e-book – cruel people have been allowed to show their heads when it comes to writing reviews. The anonymity of the internet makes everyone out their feel safe to say whatever they want. As I’m sure you all have seen, occasionally they can go to the extreme.

I myself don’t have anything published, but there seems to be a certain fear associated with finding out what others think of my writing. Will they like it? Will it be worth their money? Will they tear me down in the review? All these things can add to the fear of putting those finishing touches on your story and pushing it out into the market. But we can’t let the fear of other people’s opinions get in the way of our dreams. People are going to write whatever they can on the internet and they don’t hold back, but everything will be ok. The best thing we can do is listen to the people we trust and continue to grow as a writer.

Have you had a bad experience with reviews?


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