First Campaign Challenge! The Sacrifice

Shadows crept across the wall. Valon, mage of the light, watched as the darkness crept about the room. He knew that he didn’t have much time. The hour was upon him. The ritual had begun.

Throwing his wand in the air and focusing on the particle, Valon was able to bask the room in an orange glow. The light showed him the location of the ghoul that stalked him. Jumping back, Valon sent his fear flowing out his wand in the form of a lighting bolt that hit the ghoul square in the chest, lifting it and throwing it against the wall. Valon knew his bolt did little to deter the ghoul and his thought was confirmed when it sprung out from behind the couch.

Catching the ghoul in his arms, Valon could feel the bones dig in. The pain was enough to draw away his focus. Falling backwards, Valon feared he had no where else to go. The ritual would be completed, the undead released. Reaching deep into himself Valon felt the power building. An explosion rocked out of his body, burning the ghoul and the house they were in. Everyone is safe, he thought to himself as everything faded.


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