Sometimes it can be aggravating…

Sometimes it can be pretty damn aggravating whenever everything in your life pulls you in the wrong directions. I am a manager and salesman for a local store for my company and occasionally it can be a pain when the big corporation gets in the way. You are allowed autonomy as long as you follow the guidelines and do things as they should be done on a daily basis. But sometimes when you are going about your business, the corporation can come in and get in the way of what should be your location.

I’m not making this blog to complain about the little things that have happened in my life recently, but I couldn’t help but think how my current situation with my company can relate to my writing. It seems that everything keeps pulling me in different directions. As a new father and house owner, my day fills up pretty quick. It is almost impossible it seems, to find time to sneak in some writing. Between the crying baby and trying to make my house livable again, time flies right out the window. Add on top of that a full time job managing a distributor and taking on the dual role of manager and salesman, time really flies out the window. I promise there will be a link to writing soon. All these things add up and can bury you if you don’t put things together and plan accordingly. I have found this out as I took on these new roles. I mean heck, I’m down to the point that I put my dinner schedule in my IPad. Crazy, I know. Oops, one second, baby crying again. Be right back.

Diaper change, oh the joys of being a father. Nah, I love it. Anyway, back to my blog. The basic moral of the story is that things can pull you in a thousand directions. You are never going to be focused enough to work on writing and get everything done that you want in life, if you don’t plan for it. I have always been one of the true believers of no planning, but as things start to pile up, the more and more I realize that planning is the easiest way to success. No plan can equal no project.

I don’t know why inside I feel that writing can be different. I have fallen into the trap of so many aspiring writers that believe that this job could be easy. But from my two years of experience and lack of a story published, I can tell anyone out there that it is not. Hell, I haven’t even been able to finish a story since I started. Only shorts are done here. There is always this year. I do know that I won’t be successful unless I can sit down and plan my next day’s writing. My boss has made me a believer that you cannot see success unless you plan for it. So plan away!


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