Book Review: Heat Rises by Richard Castle

Heat Rises is the third installment of the Nikki Heat series from Richard Castle. As a third installment, Heat Rises is very well thought out and can pull in new readers as it stands on it’s own. If you liked the first books, you will love this installment, but if you haven’t read the first two books, you can jump in with Heat Rises but in my opinion, you should read the first two books along the way.

The book takes you into the BDSM world whenever Heat is assigned to the case of a priest found in a club called Pleasure Bound. Through the investigation, Heat finds out the case is much larger then originally planned. There is also the trouble she has with 1PP downtown that adds another flavor to the plot. After digging further, there are some surprises that were very shocking and made the book hard to put down.

Overall, I loved this novel. The book was hard to put down, I even stopped reading all my other books to push straight through this novel. Heat Rises is a great cop thriller that adds to the character and plot development between the main characters on the set of Castle. The concept that ABC has come up with by adding a novel into the TV Show is an excellent idea.

The story itself is not Shakespeare, but it will keep the pages turning and introduce you to an exciting mystery/cop thriller. The relationship that Heat has with her detectives and the wittiness of Rook keep the reader laughing and allows the reader to associate with the characters. By the end of the novel you will be wanting to read the fourth installment, whenever Castle comes out with it.


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