Book Review: The Rage: The Year of the Rogue Dragon Trilogy

I finished reading The Rage by Richard Byers recently and I thought that I would write a review of the book. The Rage is part of The Year of the Rogue Dragon Trilogy set in the Dungeons and Dragons realm. I originally got into the series by reading some of R.A. Salvatore’s work. I fell in love with the Dungeons and Dragons realm because of the way Salvatore can spin a story and keep interesting characters and action flowing throughout a story. Richard Byers uses new characters in the same realm to create a new story that I would recommend to anyone.

The story starts out in meeting our main cast of characters in the forest hunting down a dragon. Dorn, the leader of the group, is a human that has replaced half his body with iron over the years. He is accompinyed by Will, Pavel, and Raryn travel as a group of beast hunters that slay magical beasts, mostly dragons, in the realm for money. They stumble upon Kara, an injured woman in an inn and Pavel agree’s to heal her from her wounds. After a dragon shows up in the town and Kara is forced to help the group kill it, Dorn and his companions agree to take Kara on her quest.

In the middle of the story, Dorn and his comapnions find out the real reason behind Kara’s quest. The dragons are being taken over by the Rage and Kara is trying to find out what causes it and how to stop it. The group decides to go along with the quest and help Kara solve the problem. They stumble upon many different creatures and dive deep into the heart of the Cult of the Dragon with Maestro Taegan to discover and stop the purpose of the Rage.

The Rage is a good book. The action keeps the pages turning and the character development is enough to keep you interested in their welfare. You hope that the good guys win, but at times it can be hard to determine exactly what they are trying to win. The story flies all over the place as the main characters get themselves in situations with world powers that are unexplained, but are expected to be seen as bad.

Overall, I enjoyed the book. I would recommend to most fantasy readers whom either like the other Dungeon and Dragons books or are a fan of dragons. I look forward to reading The Rite, the second book in the trilogy.


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