Friday Short Fiction: The Hidden Kingdom Part #3

Garhum rushed through the brush as the arrows were shot around him. The four elves behind him were lining up a second volley of arrows whenever Garhum jumped behind a log for protection. Grabbing his now, Garhum peered above the log to see if he might catch sight of his pursuers. He set an arrow and pulled back on the string. Silently counting to three, Garhum loosed his arrow towards his defenders. Throwing his bow back over his shoulder, Garhum jumped up and kept running.

Knowing that his options were quickly running out, especially if any of the elves had a mount nearby, Garhum headed towards the rocky terrain. He was hoping there would be a cave nearby he could use to his advantage. Running around a rock jutting out of the ground, Garhum heard an arrow hit just behind him. Using his acute hearing, he did notice that there was only one shot at him this time. He knew this meant his other foes were circling around him to block him in. The elves after him were trained. This training meant they were soldiers. Why would they want the map?

Noticing that the ground started to shift in a downward slope, Garhum ran in that direction. Knowing that there were caves in the lower lying areas of this area of the realm, Garhum was hoping to find one he could hide in. He knew instantly he chose the wrong path because he was headed into a ravine that would give the elves an advantage to shoot down on him from above. And fire they did.

Garhum had to dive behind a ledge to get out of sight. Trying to get sight of the elves, Garhum stuck his head out, only having to pull it back as three arrows were instantly sent into the rock he was hiding behind. Garhum knew he was in trouble. Each of the elves had a bead on his position and all they had to do was wait for him to try and come out. Garhum ducked back behind the ledge and sheltered himself. While he had a little bit of time, Garhum pulled out the parchment to see why he was being chased. Unrolling the parchment, Garhum could see the outline of a map. There was a path that lead through some ancient ruins and eventually stopped beside a lake. Garhum crinkled his nose as he didn’t recognize any of the landmarks on the map. He would have to find someone to help him read the map, but who could he find? Of course, he would have to get out of his predicament at first. Sticking his head out from behind the rock to see if his enemies were still there, he was answered by three arrows ricochetting off the rock.


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