Friday Short Fiction: The Hidden Kingdom Part #2

Sorry for the delay in releasing the second installment of The Hidden Kingdom. The blog was taking a major overhaul, and I just hadn’t been able to get a new post out. I hope you enjoy this installment as things heat up between the elf and Garhum Irontracker.

The Hidden Kingdom

Using the elf’s hair as a lever, Garhum threw him a short distance into the trunk of a tree, knocking the elf unconscious. Knowing that this elf was a dangerous foe, Garhum tied a vine around his hands and around the trunk of the tree. On the backside of the trunk, Garhum tied two different styles of knots as an added safety measure.

Garhum reached down and grabbed the waterskin attached to his belt. After taking a swig of mead inside, he threw the waterskin on the elf’s face. The elf awoke with a start and let out a growl when he realized his hands were tied behind his back. “That’s right ye darn fairy. I got ye tied up and now ye’r be answering me questions,” Garhum taunted his prisoner.

“I won’t do anything of the sort you smelly little dwarf.”

“Smelly? I believe ye complimented me.”

“Only orcs and goblins would take that as a compliment and trust me, elves rank you no higher then both.”

Garhum felt the rage grow inside him at the insult. Unable to control his movements, he slapped the elf across the face. The elf collapsed as he was knocked unconscious again. Garhum could easily forget the strength in his swing from years in the mines. Garhum reached out and shook the elf to bring him back to consciousness.

“Now, let’s be a little more friendly and that won’t have to happen again.”

The elf spit at Garhum.

“If ye tell me where the map is, I promise not to kill ye.”

“A promise from a dwarf. Hah! Why would you think that I would trust you.”

“I don’t care if ye trust me or not. Why are ye fighting so hard to keep the map? I don’t know what ye elves would want with Duhgron but either way I am leavin’ with the location.”

“Over my dead body.”

“Trust me, I hope it comes to that.” Garhum reached into his quiver and pulled out an arrow. The elf’s eyes widened as Garhum headed his way. “Where be the map?”

“My friends will be here before can find out anything. How do you think you can fend off four elves?”

“I ain’t worried about four elves. I got enough of ye for me.” Garhum shoved the arrow into the arm of the elf and put his hand over his mouth to muffle the yell. Garhum had scouted the area before picking out his target, he knew the elf was speaking the truth about his companions. He was hoping to find out the information in short order and be on his way.

The elf’s arm went limp when Garhum pulled the arrow our. Sobs came from the elf when Garhum removed his hand from the elf’s mouth. “Now where be the map if ye want to live?”

“You might as well kill me now dwarf. I will not tell you.”

Garhum knew that his time was running out. The elf’s companions would be searching the forest for him by now and Garhum could not be discovered. He was outnumbered. Reaching for his knife to end his interrogation, he caught a glimpse of something behind the elf. Slapping the elf across the face to knock him unconscious again, Garhum pulled out the parchment. He started to unroll the parchment when he heard movement in the trees behind him.

Quickly grabbing his bow and weapons, Garhum turned and ran just as he heard the first arrow release behind him.

If you missed the initial installment, you can catch up here.


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