Friday Short Fiction: The Hidden Kingdom Part #1

Today I am going to release the first part of a new Friday short fiction story. Last week we finished Runaway King and I had another idea that I want to bring to light. These are new characters that I thought of last night, and an opening scene that I’m hoping will lead to a great story for all. As I am sort of a pantser writer though, I can’t really tell you where the characters will go next. I hope you enjoy the first part of The Hidden Kingdom.

The Hidden Kingdom

Garhum Irontracker dodged as heard the bowstring pull back. He didn’t know how he always ended up in these situations. Diving behind a rock, he heard the crack of the arrow hitting just on the other side of his new hideout. Pulling his own bow off his shoulder, Garhum strung an arrow. With his bow at the ready, he peaked around the rock to where he had last seen the elf. Waiting for some sign, Garhum pulled the bow tight, ready to release his own projectile. Not seeing any movement across the field, Garhum stepped out into the open. Shifting his head from side to side, he watched for any sign of the elf.

He heard the shot before he saw the elf. Diving to the side, Garhum rolled up on one knee and released his own arrow, hitting just to the left of the elf’s new position. Dropping his bow to the ground, Garhum grabbed the double-headed axe strapped on his back. In one quick motion, he swung the axe around his side and launched it towards the elf’s position. The elf saw the second weapon headed his direction and ducked behind a large tree trunk. Garhum charged after the axe.

Grabbing the axe from the tree trunk, Garhum came to the elf swinging his blade. The elf dove under the blade, pulling a dagger and sword from the sheaths on each hip. The elf came up, thinking it had the advantage from the powerful mis-swing by the dwarf, only to see that Garhum and brought the weapon back across his body and threw two quick blocks at the attacks. The elf came on, swinging faster then Garhum believed he could block. The elf danced in exact precision. Every offensive swing Garhum offered was blocked and followed by a dagger thrust that Garhum had to hurry to block. Eventually he knew a shot was going to get through, he couldn’t keep the rhythm up for long. Bringing the axe around for another swing, the elf acted on an opening and thrust out with his dagger. The dagger punctured Garhum just above the wrist. Garhum caught his breath as he felt the poison on the tips of those daggers coursing through his arm. Screaming with the rage only a dwarf could muster, Garhum pushed against the attacks of the elf. Catching the elvish sword with a block of his axe, Garhum threw his arms high, forcing the weapon above the elf’s head. Seeing an opening, Garhum pulled a small throwing axe and ran it across the undefended chest of the elf. The elf fell away, dropping its weapons as it hit the ground.

Garhum reached down, grabbing the elf by the hair and shouted, “Damn you fairy, where is the map?”


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