Tasks and Other Odd Jobs

Sorry for not posting a blog last week, but my day job had me working extra hard and I just didn’t have anything typed up. But here we are again this week with a short post on a topic that crossed my mind as I was running back and forth between our bedroom and the washing machine, folding and washing laundry, when I thought to myself,”Dang,there are a lot of day to day tasks to get in the way.”

Image attributed to Masters Coursework (http://www.masterscourse work.co.uk)

So my question to you writers out there is this: What things get in the way of your writing everyday? I know my list seems to grow more then it does shorten as the day goes on and as someone who has to work outside of my writing (still crossing my fingers that this won’t always be the case) I have to write in the evenings which makes getting everything done a crunch on free time.

So what tasks do keep you busy?


3 thoughts on “Tasks and Other Odd Jobs

    1. Haha, yeah you wouldn’t think that it would be so hard to find some sci-fi/fantasy writers, but I’ve had a hard time. You might want to look down through @JenLKirchner’s list of followers. She has some good sci-fi/fantasy authors.

  1. Thanks for the tip. And for the follow. Err…I think I undid it though. I accidently blocked you trying to block three bots. 😦 I unblocked you if you want to try it again.

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