Book Review: Are You There Blog, It’s Me Writer

On this wonderful Tuesday, I am going to review the book from my favorite social media expert, Kristen Lamb. The best thing about Kristen Lamb is that she doesn’t beat around the bush, the information you get is hard hitting and straight to the point.  Kristen prides herself in her ability to help authors, by sharing the mistakes that she has made over the years so that upcoming authors don’t have to follow down the same path. Kristen is also quickly becoming the foremost source for social media for writers. So with no further adeiu, here is my review for Are You There Blog, It’s Me Writer.

First off, let me start by saying this book was amazing. The information inside will be extremely helpful in building a platform for any writer. I would highly recommend purchasing this book if you are lost and don’t know where to go next, or if you have a huge following and are looking for something to help grow just that little bit more. This book can help either blogger. Me personally, my blog was one of the major aspects of my platform that I needed to work on, and now I have the perfect source to ensure the work is done right.

The book starts out with a reality check on what exactly it takes to survive in this business. Lamb lays out that writing is a tough business and you need to be able to get past everyone’s doubts if you are ever going to make it. Are you There Blog, It’s Me Writer also covers the best way to get followers. Kristen goes in depth on how being nice to your followers can get you a lot of word of mouth press. This section also covers all the aspects of Social Media and the 21st century writer.

The second section of the book entails 18 lessons to Blogging Awesomeness, as Kristen Lamb puts it. This section is chalk full of examples that Kristen uses from her past to show how her mistakes didn’t work for her previous blogs. This section goes in depth about the ups and downs that can come from a regular blog. She even talks about the physical layout of your blog and how small things, such as your name posted on your blog, can tremendously affect your platform. Through this book, Kristen Lamb shows how important a platform can be, even for upcoming writers without a book published to their name.

Overall this is an excellent book that has great information for practical use. Not only are there suggestions that she makes that will increase your followers and hits every day, but she shows you the path to take to get there. Are You There Blog, It’s Me Writer would definitely get 5 stars from this author.


8 thoughts on “Book Review: Are You There Blog, It’s Me Writer

  1. Sorry for the delay, but THANK YOU for such an awesome review. It has been wonderful knowing you on Twitter since before I was even published. Thanks for your thoughtful support.

  2. I plan on reading this book as well. I just bought Kristen’s first book “We are not alone” so this one is on my reading list for sure. Thanks for the details.

    1. Thanks for reading my review. I have read both of Kristen’s books and they are the guide to social media in my opinion. I will be re-reading them again in the future to grab anything I missed.

  3. Thanks for the review. Both of her books are on my to buy list. But with the poopy diapers, I know I won’t get to read it soon, so I’m still waiting to purchase. (I need all the help I can get though. This blogging thing is harder than it looks.)

    1. I try to use her suggestions as much as possible, but you are right. Between writing and working, it can be a chore to also sneak a blog in on a weekly basis, but since I’ve been more consistent, I’ve been seeing an uptick in viewers. Thanks for the comment.

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