What’s on when you write?

Music is the topic of today’s blog. Mainly because I didn’t have time between work and writing to think of something else to post, but we’ll worry about that another day. I was writing this evening and listening to music, and it made me wonder what everyone out there listens to while they write.

I personally love to listen to the music I have in my ITunes player. I have a majority of hard rock music that I use to keep the action moving. There is also a local radio station that I listen to while I’m working. However, since I just bought a new radio, this is a new trend.

What type of things do you listen to?


2 thoughts on “What’s on when you write?

  1. My go-to writing music is usually Loreena McKennitt or soundtracks, but whenever I find a song that works for a character or scene (or overall feel of a novel) I’ll put that in a playlist and use that when I’m writing.

    Found you through #MyWANA! 🙂

  2. Depends on the scene I’m writing. Fly Leaf for intense/action scenes. Adel for everything else. That was with my first novel. With this one, Fiona Apple seems to channel my main character nicely.
    Thanks for visiting my blog this morning! And for the link. If you win, you can always opt for Barnes & Nobel or Starbucks!

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