Short and Sweet!

Flikr image by koka_sexton

I, Gilliad Stern, have been working on a few short stories that I think I might give out for free. One is currently in the revision stage and the other is 25% finished. However, I know for a fact I am going to find a way to get one of these short stories out into the world for everyone to see. More updates on that coming up!

I am also intrigued on all the information that I am starting to collect for the novel idea that keeps bouncing around in my head. I have started to draw maps of cities and lands to build the world that I want my characters to enter. I have started to collect information about different fighting styles and am looking into which styles I want to piggyback from to create a believable story that everyone will enjoy. It will take some time, and I hope to be sending out more and more of my short stories during the process of writing my novel, but I hope to have my novel finished sometime this year.

Along with that information, has anyone ever used Wattpad? I think I might do some research and post on it next week, but if anyone has any experience with the program, please let me know.


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