Missing!!!! and time wasters.

Sorry to everyone out there for my being MIA the last month and a half. I had to finish some coursework for my day job as well as trying to fit in more time for my writing. These two things coming together, at the time of my wife being pregnant with our first child, getting a new car, deciding if we want to move or not, and everything else that is going crazy in my life, it seems that the blog has slipped through my fingers. BUT NO MORE! I hereby pledge to work harder at making sure that every Tuesday I have some meaningful blog to post for the countless masses that arrive here and hang on my every word. (Yeah I don’t believe it either.) But I do plan on having more meaningful on the road ahead as I put more focus towards writing and less focus towards things that are wasting away time for me, i.e. video games and the like. So on that note, what things do you find yourself wasting time on?

I hope to see everyone here on a regular basis as this blog makes a turn from semi-casual, straight past every other week post, and right into a weekly blog with (hopefully!) good information on it. I will talk to you more next week!


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