Today I’m going to talk about fear. Fear of the page, fear of fulfilling that dream, fear of anything and everything that has to do with writing. I feel this is a matter that needs to be addressed. I’m a writer and I have taken this sacred oath to push words onto a page until I can’t see straight. I have agreed to push out every idea that I can in order to make this a career for myself and my family. The biggest roadblock: fear.

It’s easy for me to go to my day job every single day and try to sell electrical material to contractors and those other people in need. However, I can come home and stare at a blank page for hours. I know what needs to be written, I can see it in my head, but I can’t write it into words without fear creeping into the back of my mind and trying to jeopardize everything that I feel the urge to write. Fear is something that everyone feels whenever they step outside their comfort zone. Fear of writing something and no one liking your novel is a fear that keeps a lot of writers in an unpublished status. You have to be able to step outside the fear and write. If you can accomplish this, you will be successful.

If you go any blog on the topic of writing out on the interweb, they will say that a writer has to develop a thick skin. A writer will take many different forms of criticism throughout his life. There will be fans and there will be haters. A writer has to step above the haters and realize that he/she put out the best story that he/she possibly could. Otherwise why would a writer spend hours upon hours in the writing and editing phase, pouring your soul and your time into your story. Do not let the fear of others opinions keep you from telling your story.

Yet others fear fulfilling their dream, thinking that once they have accomplished that lifelong goal, they will have nothing more to do. This type of fear can produce an anxiety for someone that could sneak in and subconsciously keep them from writing. Do you remember whenever we were kids and your parents always told you that you could become anything that you want to be? Well at times we don’t always end up in the perfect job, or the perfect situation, but as a writer you can create the life you want to live. You just have to conquor your fear and write whatever story might be pulling at you to get out. Get those words on the page and finish that first draft. These are the first steps to a successful story and career as an author.

One step at a time….


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