Lack of getting started

Me personally, I haven’t had any luck with starting a novel. I have a ton of ideas bouncing around in my head, but I can never seem to spend any time getting them on the page. I let things get in the way like television and World of Warcraft and then the next thing you know, I haven’t written anything down and it’s time to go to bed so I’m not tired for a job I don’t enjoy the next day. What a crappy place to be at, but it is how life can go sometimes.

Scheduling is a huge part of making a novel work. Unlike myself, when you set a schedule you need to keep to it. Don’t let things get in the way of your writing. Write like it is going out of style. Every single open minute that you have. There are a lot of times throughout my day that I have the urge to start writing, I just need a little bit of the BIS syndrome to hit me and work my way through the complex workings of a novel. I always have the best intentions to start that night, but then I find myself lounging around and not working on what I should be doing. As usual, tonight will probably be the same.

Get off your ass and start writing if you ever want to be a successful writer. There are many different aspects that you can research but that is just going to slow you down. Keep writing and moving until you are set up with everything that you want. There is no reason why I can’t write something on a daily basis and easily work my way up to finishing a novel that I can call my own. Just like most things in the world, the first time is the hardest. Once you spend more time writing everyday, the words will flow and the story will continue to grow. However, like most things, if you don’t try you will never succeed. So keep pushing yourself to hit your schedule and to write something down everyday. There is no limit to success as long as you don’t hold yourself back.

Sorry for anyone who reads this and thinks that it is harsh towards myself and my lack of working on the one thing I really want to do, however, this post is more of a kick in the ass to myself and by publishing I force myself to look at it every time I come back on my blog. Please don’t let this post turn you away if you feel that it isn’t the type of information you want to see, I plan on updating this blog on a normal schedule coming up soon!


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