#AtoZBloggingChallenge – Emtrey (M-3PO)


Expanded Universe: Emtrey was a droid that only made an appearance in the Expanded Universe. He was the purchasing droid for Rogue Squadron in the Rogue Squadron series of books.

Emtrey was built on Hoth for the purpose of purchasing goods. He had built in special programming that involved a scrounger mode that would allow him to scrounge for parts. He also had programming built in that when told to shut up more then three times would basically shut of his personality and make him a dumb terminal for access. Emtrey looked after the Squadron on their many missions as well as scrounged up parts for use in their starfighters.

It was later found out, after the New Republic took Coruscant, that Emtrey’s terminal mode was put in place by New Republic Intelligence to discover if Captain Tycho Celchu, a former Imperial, was a brainwashed Imperial agent. During his trial for killing fellow Rogue Corran Horn, Emtrey was able to provide the proof that Captain Celchu had not been meeting with Imperial agents. Also, after Corran Horn reappeared and the betrayal by the real Imperial spy, Celchu was found innocent.

After the trial and departure of Imperial leader Ysanne Isard, Rogue Squadron and it’s members resigned because the New Republic would not attack the puppet regime Isard had set up on Thyferra. Emtrey and all the squadron’s equipment were put up as surplus, as a sort of unofficial stamp of approval, so they could be claimed by the Rogues and used in the fight against Isard. Emtrey was a valuable asset to the team.

After the fight for Thyferra, Emtrey returned to the service of the New Republic.


#AtoZBloggingChallenge – Dash Rendar



Dash Rendar is a character that only existed in the Expanded Universe. He never made an appearance in a movie and most of his time came in the novel Shadows of the Empire and a game by the same name.

Expanded Universe: Dash Rendar pursued a career in the Imperial Navy instead of joining the shipping business that his family had established. When his family ran into trouble with Prince Xizor of the Black Sun crime syndicate, by not selling their business, Xizor had a freighter sabotaged and killed Dash’s older brother when his ship crashed into the Imperial Museum. The Emporer blamed Dash’s family and exiled them from the Core Worlds and kicked Dash out of the Imperial academy.

In the Outer Rim, Dash earned himself a reputation as a smuggler. He picked up his own ship, the Outrider, and led a successful smuggling business. Dash and his crew agreed to protect Holostar Javul Charn during her tour. She had initially told them that she needed protection from an overzealous fan but after surviving multiple attempts on her life, Dash had to figure out the truth. They found out that Charn was actually a member of the Rebel Alliance and Imperial Security and part of Black Sun were trying to kill her. Dash was able to get Charn to Alderaan, but he failed to see any reason to join the Rebel Alliance, though he occasionally went to work for the Rebels if the pay was good.

One of these times was a delivery to Echo Base on Hoth just before the Empire attacked. Han, a friend of Dash’s, convinced Luke to let him fly with Rogue Squadron to help cover the escape of the transports during the Battle of Hoth. Dash was credited with a kill on an AT-AT. Dash was able to escape and rejoined the Rebels.

Dash was with the Rebels whenever he found out what the Empire had done to Han Solo. He had learned that Leia was willing to pay well for locating Fett and rescuing Han that he agreed to take the job on as a favor for Lando.

Rendar tracked Fett to Ord Mantell and ended up in a firefight with Fett and an assassin droid named IG-88D. Rendar was able to defeat the droid, but Fett had gotten away. Rendar reported to Calrissian that they were headed to the moon base on Gall. Dash traveled to Gall and ended up in another firefight with Fett with Fett trying to leave the planet. During his departure, Dash was able damage Fett’s ship enough that he had to stay on the base while Dash left and reported his position.

Leia, Lando, Chewbacca, and Luke all showed up with Rogue Squadron to try and free Han. Dash led them on an attack run on the base, but pulled out before any actual fighting began. Meeting back up with the Rebels at their makeshift base, they were angry at Dash for abandoning them. Dash pointed out that he was only paid to lead them to Fett’s location.

Dash was paid by Leia to watch over Luke as he returned to Tatooine to await Fett. After an attempt on Luke’s life, Dash makes his presence known and a messenger droid shows up, asking Leia to meet with some people on Bothawui, the Bothan homeworld. Dash and Luke go in Leia’s place. Dash and Luke were introduced to a squadron of Bothan pilots whom had found out about a secret Imperial project and were going to steal the location. During the fight, Dash failed to stop a missile that was coming at the Bothan squad and it ended up destroying four Y-Wings. They were able to board the freighter and steal the information, which would end up to be the location of the second Death Star.

After this, Dash and Luke had to rescue Leia from Prince Xizor on Coruscant. Moving in through the sewage tunnels they were able to break into the palace and grab Leia. Xizor retreated to his skyhook. Vader had found out that Xizor was behind the attempts on Skywalker’s life and destroyed the skyhook, allowing Dash and his company to escape.

Now remember, this information is all Expanded Universe and is not canon.

#AtoZBloggingChallenge – Joruus C’Boath


Image posted from Darth Culator on Wookiepedia

Joruus C’Boath was a character that only appeared during the Thrawn campaign in the Expanded Universe. He was a clone of the Jedi Master Jorus C’Boath.

Grand Admiral Thrawn tracked down the Emperor’s private storehouse on a planet named Wayland. There Thrawn had planned to use the cloning cylinders that were left behind and utilize the Guardian the Emperor had left behind. Thrawn was of the mind that the Imperials lost the Battle of Endor after the Emperor died and could no longer control the forces. Heading up to the mountain, they met Joruus C’Boath who claimed to have killed the Guardian. Thrawn enlisted his abilities on the promise of delivering Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa Solo, as well as her unborn twins into his service.

C’Boath helped Thrawn in a few battles and the Imperial forces efficiency increased. C’Boath also achieved getting Luke Skywalker to come to him. He started training Luke in the ways of the force, but Luke started to see that things weren’t right. Of the things that he taught him, many were against what the Jedi Order had stood for. Luke attempted to cure him and bring him back to the light, but he found that C’Boath’s madness was too much to overcome.

C’Boath had revealed another being that was in the galaxy that he sensed was skilled in the force, someone Luke had met named Mara Jade. Mara freed Luke and went back to the New Republic.

Thrawn was getting tired of C’Boath’s antics and had him imprisoned inside the mountain at Wayland. Mara, Luke, Han, Lando, Leia, and Chewbacca headed to Wayland to take out the cloning facility, not knowing that C’Boath was there. When Mara and Luke went into the throne room searching for a self destruct button, C’Boath greeted them with his secret weapon. He had cloned Luke from tissue from his hand that had been cut off in Cloud City.

Mara and Luke fight his clone, with Mara finishing him off. Leia, Han, and Talon Karrde entered the room and C’Boath let out a force scream, stunning everyone. He tried to bring down the ceiling, but Mara was able to use Leia’s lightsaber to cut holes in the floor so the rock could fall through. Using Leia’s mental guidance, Mara was able to charge and kill Joruus C’Boath. He exploded in a blast of dark side energy.

#AtoZBloggingChallenge – Boba Fett



What Star Wars character list would be complete without the addition of Boba Fett? He is a fan favorite, which I believe was not counted on considering he is only in the films for a short amount of time. Let’s dig a little bit into the Fett man’s history.

Original Trilogy: Boba Fett first makes his appearance on Darth Vader’s ship whenever the Empire is hiring bounty hunters to track down Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon. They had just escaped from the Imperial Fleet and the Empire was using all it’s means to track down the ship.

When the Millennium Falcon detaches with the trash from an Imperial Star Destroyer, Fett was there to pick up their scent and follow them to Cloud City. After alerting the Empire of their whereabouts, Fett is there to collect on his bounty with the Empire and the gangster Jabba the Hutt. Darth Vader interrogates Han Solo and ends up freezing him in carbonite, testing a trap for Luke Skywalker. The frozen Han Solo is then handed over to Boba Fett, who gets him out of Cloud City just as his friends show up and shoot at his launching ship.

In Return of the Jedi, we see Fett at Jabba’s palace in multiple scenes during the beginning of the film. However, he doesn’t play a role until Luke Skywalker and friends are sentenced to death and break loose. Fett joins the fight only to come against Skywalker. While fighting Luke, Han Solo swings and turns on Fett’s rocket pack on accident, sending him flying into the mouth of the Sarlacc.

Prequel Trilogy: Boba Fett plays a very small role in the prequel movies. We find out that he is an unaltered clone that was requested by his father Jango Fett, the bounty hunter the clone army is based from. Boba helps Jango escape his battle with Obi-Wan Kenobi, but later watches his father get decapitated at the hands of Mace Windu.

Boba also makes a few appearances in the Clone Wars cartoon.

Expanded Universe: Boba Fett is mentioned in several comics and books along the way. The Dark Horse comics explain how he was able to get out of the sarlacc pit and a series of books called The Bounty Hunter Wars show his character in a sort of different light. Boba Fett also shows up again during the fight with the Yuuzhan Vong. In the Legacy of the Force series, Fett is asked by Jaina Solo to train her to fight against her brother Jacen Solo. Fett ends up as part of the battle by helping attack Jacen’s troops. At sometime during the Expanded Universe, Fett became a family man.

Boba Fett and the Mandalorians are some of my favorite characters from the entire Star Wars Universe. I don’t know if it is the badassness they carry with them or if it is the freedom that they have in a universe in war, but something about the people and the characters appeals to me. Also the armor is pretty darn awesome. I mean c’mon.

#AtoZBloggingChallenge – Admiral Ackbar


To start off this wonderful month of Star Wars Characters from A to Z, we have a favorite of many fans of Star Wars, Admiral Ackbar. The Admiral has played many different roles throughout the Expanded Universe as well as being a part of the new universe with a short cameo in The Force Awakens, however he is best known for one line in Return of the Jedi, “It’s a trap!”


Admiral Ackbar’s full name is Gail Ackbar. He is a Mon Calamari that comes from the planet of Mon Cala, which he defended in the Clone Wars. During the Clone Wars is when we first meet the would be Admiral, fighting off the droid armies to protect his people.

Later he would join the Rebellion and become a key strategist for the attack on the second Death Star. Instead of fleeing out of fear whenever he realized that the Rebel Alliance had been trapped at Endor, Admiral Ackbar adjusted the fleet which bought valuable time for the ground forces to bring down the shield generator. After the shield was down, the Alliance was able to destroy the second Death Star.

After the Battle of Endor, Admiral Ackbar was promoted to the rank of Grand Admiral for the New Republic. He had great success there, even winning the Battle of Jakku. Shortly after, he retired back to Mon Cala, but was eventually convinced to join the Resistance that was led by Leia Organa.

Expanded Universe: 

After the Battle of Endor, Admiral Ackbar became a major player in the creation of the New Republic. He signed the formal declaration of the New Republic and became one of the nine individuals that would join the Provisional Council. Admiral Ackbar came out of retirement with the threat of the Yuuzhan Vong, however he passed away shortly before the war ended.

A to Z Blogging Challenge Theme Reveal

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I know I’m a little bit behind on getting this up, as you can see by the banner it was supposed to be up on March 21st, but anyway I’m going to announce my upcoming blog theme for the month of April.

Star Wars Characters!!!!

With the resurgence of Star Wars into the limelight, as well as my love for the series itself, I’m going to visit some of the stories that make up the characters of the Star Wars Universe. The galaxy that is far, far, away, has so much depth to it that there are probably some characters out there that you might not know or might not understand where they came from. Hopefully, I will shed some light and inform you of some things you didn’t know and increase your Star Wars knowledge. If nothing else, at least we’ll have fun in the process.

Disclaimer: I will throw out there that some of my characters will come from the now defunct Expanded Universe. The EU was such a large part of my appreciation for Star Wars that I didn’t feel right leaving out some of those characters. I will mark which posts include characters from the EU so as not to confuse anyone.

What Draws you to a Story?

What Draws you to a Story?

I was thinking about characters and what makes a character a good or a bad person whenever I had a moment of reflection on why I like the types of characters I do in movies.

Most people are drawn to a movie because of the hero character. They want to see what happens, how the hero saves the day, gets the girl, i.e. wins the movie. That point of view is all fine and dandy for those that feel that way but I find myself drawn to another type of character.

To me the movie is based completely on how well the villain, or in the words of Kristen Lamb, the Big Boss Troublemaker, is portrayed. Don’t get me wrong, I am not the type of person who just sits around and watches movies about violent bad guys all the time but I do like to have a villain that grows with the story. That is what makes the movie complete.

For example, I’m going to be using two different sets of Star Wars movies to show how this works.

In the prequel trilogy of the Star Wars Universe, we meet the boy who would later become Darth Vader. What a concept, people had been waiting 30 years for this sort of reveal. But did the movie draw me in? No, no it didn’t. The reason was the entire build of Darth Vader, from a little force sensitive kid all the way to the man who changes the course of the galaxy, was very flat. Poor writing and bad dialogue made the stories tolerable at best, and some say not even that.

So instead of getting this awe inspiring story of watching a good boy turn into something much darker and sinister, you actually saw a boy that sounded more whiny and the audience didn’t feel anything during his entire fall to the dark side. The audience should have felt anger at what he had done, or at least despair about how he had no choice but to go down that path. Instead the viewer barely felt anything.

Now shift backwards to the original trilogy, more specifically, The Empire Strikes Back. The saga has just come off A New Hope where the Death Star was destroyed and five years have moved on and the Galactic War finds it’s way to Hoth.

Darth Vader becomes the character that everyone remembers during this movie. In the first movie he played the bodyguard to Grand Moff Tarkin, but never had any real substance to who he was and what he was wanting. Through the conversations of Yoda and Luke on Dagobah, we find out a lot more about Darth’s history and Luke’s potential tie to the Dark Lord (through the force tree scene). After catching Han and Leia in Cloud City, you can see the depth of his hatred as he sacrifices Han, after his interrogation, in just testing the trap for Luke. This building of Darth Vader’s story in Empire is what has drawn me to that movie and made it the best in the series so far, in my opinion. And of course, the reveal!

So in parting, I believe that the villain’s story can play as crucial a role in the success of a movie or story as the heroes. The villain makes the hero’s story make sense, it brings everything together. Without a good villain story, there is no reason for the hero to be doing what he is doing. They work together. It’s easy to just focus on what makes the hero a good character but don’t forget to tell the story of the villain as well.

Oh, another example that popped into my head, the Joker from the Dark Knight. Enough said…